Program of Studies

First approval: You must bring your undergraduate transcript when requesting for the approval of the program of studies form. 
Second approval: You must bring your first approved program of studies form. Otherwise the process of checking/waiving the courses must be repeated.

The MSCSE degree requires a minimum of 45 quarter units of work. During the first term of enrollment, all students must file a program of studies in consultation with a faculty advisor.

Foundation Courses:
All students admitted to the MSCSE program are expected to already have competence in the fundamental subjects listed below, as required within an accredited program for a B.S. in Computer Science and Engineering or Computer Science. An applicant without such background may still be admitted, provided the deficiencies are corrected by coursework that is in addition to the normal degree requirements and that is completed within the first year of graduate studies. Alternatively, a student may take a similar course at another approved accredited institution. The subjects and corresponding SCU courses that may be used to correct the deficiencies include:

- Logic Design (COEN 21)
- Data Structures (COEN 12)
- Computer Organization and Assembly Language (COEN 20 or ELEN 33)
- Discrete Math (AMTH 240)
- Probability (AMTH 210)
- One of Differential Equations (AMTH 106), Numerical Analysis (AMTH 220 and 221), or Linear Algebra (AMTH 245 and 246)
- One additional advanced programming course or one year of programming experience in industry

You must show the proof of taking the above courses by bringing adequate documentation.

MSCSE Core (12 units):
- COEN 210 — Computer Architecture (4 units)
- COEN 279 — Design and Analysis of Algorithms (4 units)
- COEN 283 — Operating Systems (4 units)

If you have taken the above core courses during your undergraduate studies, then you MUST enroll in the advanced ones:

- COEN 313 — Advanced Computer Architecture
- COEN 383 — Advanced Operating Systems
- COEN 379 — Advanced Design and Analysis of Algorithms


You must bring the following documents for approving your CPT form:
- Completed CPT form including start date, end date, and employer
- Most recent transcript

You must fulfill the following requirements for CPT approval:

- Must be a full‐time grad student in our CSE major or SE major (min 8 units per quarter).
- Completion of at least 24 units (previously was 30 units).
- Minimum 3.0 GPA.
- F1 students: must be full‐time for at least 9 consecutive months.
- Must be full‐time the quarter preceding co‐op.
- Must be an SCU student not working as a TA.
- The training objectives must be related to the field of study, and include learning to enhance academic knowledge, work, and learning to work with people.
- Each approval is about 3 months.

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